our range of Cowhide Rugs

Black & White Cowhides

Opt for monochrome chic with our stylish black and white cowhides, ideal for modern and minimalist style homes.

Speckled Cowhides

Our speckled cowhide rugs feature beautiful natural markings and hues – a great match for modern rustic interiors.

Exotic Cowhides

Make a statement with our exotic cowhide rugs, featuring a range of unusual designs to suit any contemporary space.

Metallic Cowhides

Combining natural patterns with vivid metallic dyes, our high quality metallic cowhide rugs finish modern spaces perfectly.

Animal Print Cowhides

Match monochrome style with vibrant patterns with our zebra print cowhide rugs, a talking point in any modern interior.

Patchwork Cowhides

Our hand-finished patchwork cowhide rugs are individually crafted for a stunning array of colour, pattern, and texture.

Grey & White Cowhides

Lustrously light and beautifully textured. Sourced from the highest quality Brazilian & Argentinian cowhides.